Master Gowri

According to Gowri Yoga means union. Union of body mind and soul. Yoga is our Natural state. If we observe babies for instance they are Naturally in Yogic posture every moment As we grow up we lose our Reality yoga asanas helps us to make peace.

I was practicing yoga for 10 years when I started my yogic journey and I believe helping the humanity is my life purpose.

She has done Yoga Teacher Training and completed "Master degree in Yoga"


Meditation, Personal Session, Group Session, Corporate Yoga, Apartment Session, Senior Citizens, Ladies Session, Hatha Yoga and Workshop and YTTC.


Master Preethi

I first thought yoga was a cult that involved 100 degree rooms, expensive clothes and chanting of 'om'. Now, I know better and I am passionate about practicing yoga. Through my own years of refinement, practice and education I believe yoga can be for everyone. Be positive and do yoga.

She Complete diploma in yoga with the title "Master of Yoga"


Ladies Session, Personal Session, Group Session, Kids Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Workshop, Meditation and Power Yoga.


Master Lakshmi

Lakshmi believes the yoga practice is a constant exploration of the body's physical and spiritual energy. Yoga is a blend of conscious movement and intentional breath. This soulful practice holds the power to heal and teach us compassion for ourselves and others. How we show up for ourselves on the mat is how we present ourselves to the world.

Lakshmi has completed Master degree in yoga.


Ladies Session, Corporate Yoga, Apartment Session, Meditation, Personal Session, Group Session and Workshop.

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