Master Joseph Kumar

I believe yoga is intended to heal the body from all forms of injury. The Secret is to open up the mind to the possibility that every movement has a purpose and the counter movement is what heals us. I have practicing yoga for more than 20 years.

Joseph kumar as completed BA, B.P.Ed, P.G.D. in Yoga. M.sc., Yoga.


Power Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Astranga Yoga, Meditation, Vinyasa Flow, Kids Yoga, Senior Citizens, Therapy Yoga, Advanced Yoga, Workshop, Personal Session, Retreats, YTTC.


Master Lakshmi

Lakshmi believes the yoga practice is a constant exploration of the body's physical and spiritual energy. Yoga is a blend of conscious movement and intentional breath. This soulful practice holds the power to heal and teach us compassion for ourselves and others. How we show up for ourselves on the mat is how we present ourselves to the world.

Lakshmi has completed Master degree in yoga.


Ladies Session, Corporate Yoga, Apartment Session, Meditation, Personal Session, Group Session and Workshop.


Master Vidhya

According to me yoga means the communion of the Petty Self with the Higher Universal Self. Yoga can be understood better through their active expression than by static definition. Yoga is an experiential truth and not mere abstraction.

I learnt yoga from my Grandfather who was a yogi and an Indian Medical Practitioner. I am practicing Yoga for past 15 years.


Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Group Session, Personal Session, Apartment Session and Work Shop.

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